Gong Fu Cha : The Phoenix Nods with Green Boar Organic Tea

Green Boar Organic Tea The Phoenix Nods Organic Puerh tea Organic Oolong teaGong Fu : The Phoenix Nods, originally uploaded by GREEN BOAR ORGANIC TEA. Here is an extract from a recent session of GONG FU CHA in Guangdong (Old Canton) Province. Note the mobile phones and smoking. Ancient and Modern China ! Good Tea


PUERH TEA an Introduction and Explanation

PUERH TEA ,    an Introduction 1. Place of Origin: Pu-erh Tea is also transcribed as Puerh Tea in English. It is a rare and original tea from the Pu Erh region of Yunnan Province in South West China. Puerh tea is also known as “pu’er” in some western countries. Pu Er itself is a […]