Green Boar is now Distributed by INFINITY FOODS

Fantastic news for July – Green Boar is now being distributed by INFINITY FOODS

Infinity are one of the UK’s leading wholesale distributors of Organic and natural foods.

They have a firm commitment to promoting Organics, and have been at the forefront of introducing organic choice to the British consumer since 1971.

They are a workers co-operative, which means that the company is jointly owned and democratically run by their members.

As well as their support for the organic movement they have also been at the forefront of the campaign against GMO. They are a founder member of Genetic Food alert, which aims to monitor and campaign on this issue.

May the Green Boar be widely distributed and greatly enjoyed !

Here’s to Infinity !


46 Dolphin Rd‎
West Sussex
BN43 6PB,

+44 (0)1273 456376

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