FabTips Swears By Green Boar !

This is FabTips Number 1 Holiday Beauty Tip !


Load up on anti oxidants both before, during and after your hols.  This way your skin is positively packed with defences should it have to go into battle.  Drink green tea (we swear by Green Boar, none of that metallic aftertaste, totes ethical and loved by Vogue),  eat vitamin c rich fruit (strawbs, oranges, Kiwis, grapes etc…), hoover up your supplements (baobab is one nature’s richest anti oxidant sources – Aduna are superb) and slather on an anti oxidant loaded serum(Aurelia Revitalise & Glow Serum £47 a must have).

No Wonder the Green Boar is a Beautiful Boar !


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