” SIT ! TEA ! ” With kind permission from The Scholar of Pure Spring

Zheng Ban Qiao was a famous painter of the Qin dynasty, he specialized in Bamboo and Stone paintings. He was also a master of calligraphy, poems and tea tasting.
One day he was hiking on a beautiful mountain and saw a temple. He went to the Temple. On his arrival and entrance into the guest chamber of the Temple, the supervisory monk spoke quite sharply,
“Sit! ,Tea!”
After a while when he talked to Zheng Ban Qiao, he found Zheng was knowledgeable, eloquent and full of wit. As a result of this, the monk spoke more politely,
“Please sit down! and drink tea!”
When the monk discovered his guest was the famous painter Zheng Ban Qiao, he quickly invited him to come into the VIP room. Then he spoke humbly and civilly;
“Please sit in this fine chair! and please drink a cup of good tea”.
When Zheng prepared to leave, the monk wanted Zheng to write him a Couplet. Then Zheng Ban Qiao took the brush-pen and wrote down:
“ Sit, Sit down, Please Sit down!
Tea, Drink tea, Please drink Tea! ”
When the monk read the couplet he blushed red and blue.

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