“ Take The Tea ”
One day in a temple called Bo Lin Zen, which was located in Zhao Zhou County, the Zhao Zhou Zen Master (also called Zhao Zhou or Old Budda ) was invited to make a speech for the new monks of the Temple.
The Zen master asked one monk, “Have you ever been to Zhao Zhou?” this monk replied, “No, I have never been here before.”The Zen master spoke to him, “Take the tea!”
After a while the Zen master continued to ask another monk, “Have you ever been to Zhao Zhou?”  the monk replied, “Yes, I have, Master.”  The Zen master said, “Take the tea !”
At this moment, everybody were confused by the Zhao Zhou Zen Master’s words, even the Abbot of the temple stood aside and was also confused.  He asked the Zhao Zhou Zen Master, “ Dear Master, why did you say the same phrase ‘Take the tea’ to both monks even if they have or haven’ been to Zhao Zhou ? ”
Then Zhao Zhou Zen Master spoke to the Abbot, “you also take the tea !”
Suddenly, the meeting place became extremely quiet, the Abbot and the wise monks understood the meaning, and applauded the Zhao Zhou Zen Master.
From then on, everybody who likes tea knows the Zhao Zhou Zen Master’s name, and Zhao Zhou Tea and Zen master is famous for his three words, “Take the Tea!” which means everything will become clear if you drink the tea, and by drinking the tea you can know the real meaning of Zen.

With many Thanks to The Scholar of Pure Spring

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