Lots of people are Loving Green Boar Tea

Lots of people are loving Green Boar Green Tea because of the taste. They don’t just love it because it’s rich in antioxidants, organic, Fairtrade, shipped by ocean, in non-bleached teabags & packed in exquisitely designed, fully recyclable packaging… No ! They love it because it tastes so good !

People who don’t like bitter green tea but feel they want to be drinking more green tea, are turning to Green Boar, because it’s soft and smooth, it’s alluring and energising, it’s lovely to drink and you’ll want to keep drinking more and more of it all day long, and now you can !

Harvested in our tea gardens in South East China, the farm is located in the subtropical edge of Zhejiang province. Benefiting from the East Asian monsoon climate, there’s lots of sunshine and rainfall and it’s this that helps make the tea a pure pleasure to drink.

It has a clear non bitter, alluring, “more-ish” taste, with a hint of umami tang, it’s tasty, it’s “yummy” and it has no negative aftertaste – at the bottom of your cup when it’s cooled down, and you drink the last drops, you taste a  tantalising softness.

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