What is Green Boar Tea

What is Green Boar Tea ?

My simple message ? Great tea which you can afford to drink ! Which everyone can afford, and which everyone wants to afford. Green Tea for everyone !

I’ll provide you with a drink which you can drink all day long, day in, day out. And if next year you want to try something else, when the economy is better, I’ll have it.

Also, you’ll be happy to hear … you are helping out with radical cultural change !

My gosh, can a revolution be so enjoyable ? So cheap ? So Green ?

I’ve been trying to find the right product for some years, I’ve sourced top quality, top price loose leaves from the hinterlands of Korea, from the heart of Taiwan and high in the Opium triangle of Thailand.

I’ve presented my finds in hand engraved bamboo caddies, in silver zipseal pouches, in paper wrappers, online, at street stalls, at tastings in shops, at fairs, at embassies, for big jamborees, I’ve discovered rare cakes of Puerh, white cakes, unheard of oolongs, yellow teas, purple teas, pouchongs, powders, tea resin, tea seeds, leaves famous for their insect bites, large leafed teas from Vietnam, Frost teas from blue mountains, I’ve been discovering the ancient texts, meditating on EGCG, I’ve been trying to command the alpha brain waves !

And now I have found a tea which everyone can drink, and you needn’t be rich as Croessus* to buy it. Far from it. And, by all accounts, it’s very good for you.

I’ve been single minded about importing organic tea, and finding tea farms with Fairtrade licences, I’ve been trying to stress that organic methods of tea farming are better for the land, for our environment and eventually for us the tea drinkers. I’ve been trying to make it fair for the people who have farmed, harvested and prepared the tea.

I wanted to set up, and am still trying to set up a business to be proud of. Where the product is natural and healthy and responsible, which is ethical and successful.

I really want to start speaking with everyone who has been drinking the tea. If that’s you, i want to find out what more you want, and if you have any ideas about how we can get there, please email me info@greenboar.com  it comes straight to me.

If you like Green Boar, I’m very happy ! it’s taken a long time to get here, uphill only, and I feel, that things are just beginning to take off.

I hope to hear from you soon !


PS: or have I just been fueling my addiction to tea ?
It was my slightly older brother who won the great accolade at school, of being the one who drank the most amount of tea at supper, at one sitting. The following year, I beat his record, and my victory has not yet been contested. I hope this admission of Tea Gluttony will not tint your understanding of the above.

* Croessus was a very rich chap who, amongst other things, employed Aesop, and minted the first silver and gold coins. No doubt he was drinking Green Tea, but Herodotus didn’t mention that.

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