Best organic tea

We source this tea from South West Korea, in South Gyeongsang Province. It is grown on an Organically certified tea farm. It has US and EU Organic status. The tea farm is devoted to organic tea husbandry and classical methods of Korean tea farming and production. This is Organic Green Tea in tea cups.
Only small quantities are produced each year, it is very labour intensive.

South Korea has a small population and is increasingly proud of its agricultural products. The government is striving to develop its organic foods so that they excel in quality and functional health benefits. It wants to produce the best organic food in the world, for both domestic and export markets.

The total land mass of Korea is only about 100,000 km². As a result of the swift economic development in the last 40 years, the agricultural sector has declined igri. This sector before the 1960s generated about half of Korea’s GDP and maintained its labour force. At the same time, Korea had the highest pesticide use in the world and it still has one of the highest cancer rates in the world.

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