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Notes taken on CHA MA DAO or The TEA HORSE ROUTE

What is the Tea Horse Route ? Cha Ma Dao – Tea Horse Road The Tea Route emanates from South West China and was principally a network of routes from which tea and horses were traded between Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai,  Tibet, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, India, and Eastern China. Regarded as the oldest trade route in […]



Green Boar Organic Tea pioneers the Chinese Art of Tea aka “GONG FU CHA” One of the most interesting stalls at the recent ‘IFE’ Exhibition on 15th – 18th March and also at the Natural & Organic Product Show in Olympia on 5th & 6th of April was a display of several novel appurtenances that […]


PUERH TEA an Introduction and Explanation

PUERH TEA ,    an Introduction 1. Place of Origin: Pu-erh Tea is also transcribed as Puerh Tea in English. It is a rare and original tea from the Pu Erh region of Yunnan Province in South West China. Puerh tea is also known as “pu’er” in some western countries. Pu Er itself is a […]